How to Schedule Webinars and Online Meetings with Office 365

MCC faculty, staff and students can use their Office365 accounts to host and join desktop conferences. In these online meetings, participants can share their desktops, video chat (with a webcam and audio), audio chat (with audio equipment for online, or over the phone) and chat via text. This can save time, money and resources by replacing the need to drive to in-person meetings.

Here’s how to use Office365 for online meetings, separated into two parts — creating and joining a meeting.

How to Invite Others to Your Webinar

First, log into your MCC Office 365 account.

Once in Office 365, on the top navigation bar, click People.


Mouse over “Search People” and click the box.


Type the name of a person or email alias to invite to the webinar or meeting and click the name.


Click the “Schedule a Meeting” button. A window will open.

Schedule a meeting

Click “Online meeting.”

Online meeting

The “Join online meeting” link will appear in the message area. Give the meeting a title in the Event box and set its start date, time, and duration. Click Send!

How to Join an Office365 Webinar Meeting

At the meeting time, the invitees and organizer will join the meeting by …

Selecting their Calendar …

… and the meeting and then clicking on “Join online meeting” …
Join online meeting

This brings you to the real “Join online meeting” link that gets things started. You may be prompted to install the Microsoft Lync plugin the first time. If so, do it.

You will be prompted to enter a name or to log in as an Office 365 user. If you are the meeting organizer, you definitely should log in with your MCC email address and password so it knows you’re the organizer. This will allow you to share your desktop and use the other webinar features. Other MCC employees should log in also. If you just enter a name, the system will let you participate but as an unverified user.

Questions about Office365? Contact the MCC Help Desk at or 402-457-2900.

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