Blackboard Quick Tip: Write and Edit Tests

The Blackboard testing tool provides a wide range of assessment options for instructors. Here’s an overview on how to edit questions and build tests from scratch.

If you’d like to edit an existing test, go to Tests, Surveys and Pools, then Tests, then to the test in question. Tests “live” independently of the Lessons area, so they can be in the course tools without being “deployed” in Lessons or the grade book. If you need to add or remove one question from a test, do so from this”test canvas” area.

You can also get the test canvas via the Lessons area. Just click on “edit the test” from the chevron because you want to get at the questions, not the settings (or “options”).

The following video can help with creating a test from scratch.


Alex is online course support technician at IDS, working to support all online, hybrid and LMS-enhanced instructors and students in using Blackboard and several media servers. She's also the administrator for the MCC Blogs network. You can reach her at

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