Blackboard Q&A: Why is an auto-graded test in my ‘needs grading’?

You may have noticed an auto-graded test in your needs-grading queue. Odds are, it’s just there because it was submitted late.

Blackboard sends late tests to the needs-grading queue, even if the test would automatically go into the gradebook if the student had submitted it before the due date.

All you need to do to get the grade sent to the gradebook (assuming you are not actually deducting points for late submission) is open the grade screen (either from needs grading or the full grade center),and click submit at the bottom. That’s it!


Alex is online course support technician at IDS, working to support all online, hybrid and LMS-enhanced instructors and students in using Blackboard and several media servers. She's also the administrator for the MCC Blogs network. You can reach her at

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