MCC Instructors: Sign Up For Hands-On Blackboard Grade Center Workshops

IDS is offering the first of our 14/FA Blackboard faculty workshops this week. 

This workshop series is designed to provide hands-on “close looks” at various aspects of course design and delivery in Blackboard. Held in computer labs (but BYOD if you can), IDS will present an overview of key Blackboard tools, then work collaboratively with each participant.

Blackboard Grade Center Tune-Up

Get hands-on help setting up the Grade Center in each of your courses. Attend this session for a rundown of commonly asked grade center/column questions, including:

  • hiding columns from users vs. from instructor view;
  • deleting category columns and/or setting up calculated gradebooks;
  • providing/attaching feedback to assignments;
  • publishing/printing reports;
  • changing how grades are displayed to students;
  • correcting test-gradebook point discrepancies.

Register in MyWay now:

IDST_226N_01       Wed. Sept. 17         FOC 119        6pm-8pm

IDST_226N_02       Thurs. Sept. 18       ITC 123          2pm-4pm

IDST_226N_03       Friday Sept. 19       EVC 131        9am-11am

Enrollment is limited to 10 per session. Additional sessions will be scheduled to meet faculty demand.


Instructional Design Services at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Neb. Visit our department resource site.

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