Blackboard Quick Tip: Create a New Dropbox (Assignment)

Assignment is the Blackboard term for what we used to call a dropbox — a digital submission space where students can upload files. If you want to add a new one to your course, here’s a quick and easy guide.

Navigate to the content area (Lessons) where you want it to be, then into the folder, if applicable. Make sure your edit mode is ON. On the content bar, hover over Assessments and then click Assignment.


This leads you the edit screen. Fill out the basics — assignment name, point value, due date — and you’re done!

assign2I recommend changing the submission details to include “unlimited attempts.” If you allow unlimited attempts, but keep the “Score attempts using: Last graded attempt” option, you choose only one to actually grade (I would imagine the last submitted before the due date), but it frees you as the instructor from having to go in and delete attempts if students make a mistake (uploading a blank file, etc.), a very common support issue.


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