Blackboard Tip: Re-Import from ANGEL

Today’s Blackboard tip covers a lot of ground — it’s a guide that you may find handy for importing from ANGEL, plus information about setting up your course menu.

If you’re teaching a Blackboard-enhanced on-campus course, you may want to import your old ANGEL content by yourself. You may have also already done this, but brought in the wrong course, or otherwise need a blank slate. Here’s how you do a fresh ANGEL-to-Blackboard backup and import.

Note 1: You may want to do just the ANGEL steps to back up your course to a local drive for your reference because access to ANGEL ends for instructors ends Aug. 22.

Note 2: This guide for ANGEL import is for on-campus courses only. Online instructors need permission from their online leads to bring in ANGEL content.

First, get your stuff from ANGEL

To download your ANGEL content that you want to move over, go into the course in ANGEL, then go to Manage > Export Console.


Then select ANGEL format.

2Give it a minute. Take a breather, because you deserve it.

When it’s done, just click on the file name to automatically download the zip. Then locate it on your local drive and move it to an external drive or your favorite file-backup location for later use.


Importing into Blackboard

If you already have content in the Blackboard destination course, first “blank it out” using Bulk Delete.

When that’s done and your empty Blackboard course is ready for its ANGEL content, just go into the blank Blackboard course where you want that content, then go to Packages and Utilities > Import Package / View Logs.


Click Import Package, then browse your drive(s) to find your ANGEL zip.


Click Select All to pull all the course materials, then click Submit. Take another breather. After a minute or two, your Blackboard course should have all of its ANGEL content.

Ensure your course menu is correct

Your course menu may be messed up. Remember, you can use the “plus” in the upper right to add content areas, blank pages, tool links or web links. ANGEL imports come over with “Information” and “Content” by default. DO NOT DELETE CONTENT. If your menu got duplicated, first delete the old, empty Lessons area. Then click the chevron to edit “Content” and rename it Lessons.


The course menu varies by program area, but here are the IDS recommendations:

  1. Home Page – blank page
  2. Announcements – tool link
  3. Syllabus – blank page (copy and paste your syllabus text and attach it as a doc or PDF; see also How to Post Your Syllabus)
  4. Calendar – tool link
  5. Lessons – content area
  6. Send Email – tool link
  7. Check Email – web link to
  8. My Grades – tool link
  9. Blackboard Help – web link to

To add tool links, click the plus, name it, then select the appropriate tool from the dropdown.


You always have to make sure it’s available. A box with a slash through it indicates that course menu item is hidden, which you may want for some things that are just for you. An empty box indicates an area without content.


Note: Make sure your web links are set to open in a new window. If you click the edit chevron and see “Set Link to Open in Current Window,” you’re good to go.



Alex is online course support technician at IDS, working to support all online, hybrid and LMS-enhanced instructors and students in using Blackboard and several media servers. She's also the administrator for the MCC Blogs network. You can reach her at

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2 comments on “Blackboard Tip: Re-Import from ANGEL
  1. […] If you want to backup content (no student data included) for later restoration in Blackboard, click on Export Console and then follow the “get your stuff from ANGEL” directions. […]

  2. […] If you want to backup content (no student data included) for later restoration in Blackboard, click on Export Console and then follow the “get your stuff from ANGEL” directions. […]

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