Blackboard Quick Tip: Extend Course Dates

Instructors may need (or just want) to keep Blackboard courses open longer than the predetermined term. Here’s how to modify end dates in MCC Blackboard Learn.

Blackboard’s Colleague integration will determine course start dates by term (and auto-correct, if they’re ever changed within a course) and assign end dates, too. The end date for face-to-face courses (web-enhanced and hybrid) will be the last meeting time. For online courses, the end date will be the last day of the quarter, or Nov. 17 in the case of fall 2014.

This is a change from the ANGEL days. ANGEL courses remained open for three days after the end of classes. So I do recommend setting an extension for your Blackboard courses so students can see feedback for final projects and see all their grades for the whole quarter before the final grades are submitted and checked through MyWay.

To modify end dates, go into your Blackboard course and go to Course Management > Customization and then Properties. Scroll down to the “Set Course Duration” section.

endDateJust click on the calendar icon next to the end date — the example above is from an on-campus course that starts on Wednesday of the first week — and select your extended course end date.

Note: Don’t modify any settings on this Customization screen except for the end date.

These start and end dates will come in handy in preparation for the winter quarter because, through the Date Management tool, instructors will be able to just change the start date of a copied course to Dec. 1 and all due dates will be offset automatically.


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