ANGEL Tip: Make Ungraded Items Zeros

As the quarter comes to a close,  MCC instructors may benefit from some optional ANGEL settings designed to make submitting final grades easier.

The “Treat Ungraded Items as Zero” option in the gradebook preferences panel will give a score of 0 to ungraded submissions, replacing, for example, the need to return to the grade entry grid and manually insert zeros for assignments that were not turned in throughout the quarter. This can save a lot of time and clicks if you get to the end of the quarter and have many zeros in fill in. From ANGEL help:

By default, ungraded items are not included when calculating averages. This means that if Student A has taken Quiz One but Student B has not, Student A’s average will include the grade for Quiz one while student B’s will not. A zero would have to be explicitly entered for Student B in order for Quiz One to affect Student B’s averages. However, if the “Treat Ungraded Items as Zeros” checkbox is checked on the gradebook settings page, then ungraded items will immediately be counted as zeros in the averages.

Again, it’s an option that’s turned off by default—it could cause your students some alarm if it were on in the beginning of the quarter and everyone spent the first few weeks with an F. But if you want to use it in preparation for grade submission (or ever need to turn it off), here’s how.

From the Manage tab, go into your Gradebook. Under Other Tasks, click Gradebook Preferences.


Under Report Defaults, select Treat Ungraded Items as Zero.


Pretty easy.


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