Join Us March 5 for New Faculty Development Workshops

MCC faculty are welcome to join IDS staff in any of three tech-in-the-classroom afternoon workshops.

Instructional Design Services will be leading the following faculty development (adjunct stipend eligible) workshops from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. March 5 at the South Omaha campus.

Workshop Description Location Time Facilitator(s)
Free & Cool Web-Based Tools In this fast-paced session, we will show you “abuncha cool and free!” websites to use for creating media, manipulating images, virtual team collaboration and digital distribution of content for your classes! Bring your smartphone or connected devices. Come caffeinated! MHY 203 1 p.m. Sharyn Leigh, Charlie Cogar, David Burget
Campus Share Orientation The College is starting its second year with the new Campus Share conferencing system. Come and learn about the “Next Level” of features this technology can provide you. Record your lectures, guest speakers and student presentations in your own course video channel, synchronously and asynchronously stream video to create content for your flipped class! MHY 116 OR MHY 210 (go to either room) 2 p.m. Bob Gregg, Chuck Davis
Social Media for Educators Get an overview of popular platforms and their potential uses. We’ll talk about social web/blogging services such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and Tumblr, learning along the way about how they can be used to enhance your teaching, connect with other instructors and students, and expand your understanding of emerging trends in your content areas. Workshop attendees will leave the session with a Twitter account set up and a personalized list of resources, guides and links to further reading on the subject. MHY 203 3 p.m. Alex Garrison

To get more information (including course codes to enroll), check out the IDS workshops site or email IDS.

On the morning of March 5, Academic Affairs is hosting coffee and conversation, a keynote speech called “How to Engage and Retain Today’s Generation of Students” and lunch, starting at 8 a.m. in room 120 of the ITC Conference Center. (Adjuncts not compensated.)


Instructional Design Services at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Neb. Visit our department resource site.

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