Resource Roundup: Links from the Sandbox 2/17/14

Here’s a roundup of articles on educational technology that we’re passing around the sandbox.

  • 4 Ways Teachers Can Encourage Online Interaction | Edudemic

    Leading into a new quarter here at MCC, this post has practical tips for using online spaces for course interaction. Watch this space for more on the topic soon.

  • Instructional Design is Not Interface Design | The Other Brian Whitmer

    An interesting perspective on the overlap of “ed people”, “tech people” and “design people” — and how that overlap can lead students astray:

    If you’re just managing your learning experience then yes, by all means, focus completely on optimization. Log in, get stuff done and close that browser tab as quickly as possible. But if instead you’re trying to facilitate learning then you need to be concerned with more than just saving someone time.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here. Featured image.


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