Flippity.net Easily Turns Spreadsheets into Flashcards

Flippity.net is a super simple way to make and share online flashcards. Like, amazingly simple.If you have access to a Gmail account, you can easily create a spreadsheet in Drive from a copy of this template. From either this site or Flippity, click the template link. If you’re signed in, Drive will immediately ask for permission to copy.

Once you have the template copy, change the fields to what you’d like the flashcards to say. The site (and its FAQ) does a good job of explaining what to do next. It’s just a matter of publishing your spreadsheet to the Flippity site, which will then give you a direct link (that goes to the base example) to your cards. The site also does a one-click QR code publish.

Sample Flippity online flashcards

Sample Flippity online flashcards

Make Online Flashcards with Flippity.net

The upsides: It’s easy and free. It supports adding video, pictures, et cetera (insert an image link into the spreadsheet and the image will appear on the card — great for image-identification tasks).

The downsides: “Easy” also means pretty simple in this case. It’s great if you don’t need anything fancy, but you may not fancy it if you need something great.


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