Known Bug: Scrolling in Google Chrome

Google Chrome released an update (to version 32) on Jan. 14. If you’re a regular Chrome user, you may have noticed one of its coolest new features: a visual alert to which tab is “noisy” as well as an indication of a tab accessing your webcam.

CaptureOne of the downsides to the release, though, has been the scrollbar. It is thinner than the web-standard and lacks buttons to navigate. To scroll within a Chrome frame on a desktop, users must use a scroll wheel on a mouse, use the keyboard or click and drag.

It’s not too much of a headache, but related issues have caused problems within ANGEL, MCC’s learning management system.

If ANGEL opens a new window for Chrome users, it can be difficult to scroll down in that new window and it may also lead to the page “crashing” or preventing access to the content in that window. Assessments often are set to open in a new window.


Time-out issues cause headaches

To try to prevent some headache from this issue, the ANGEL team has changed a common setting on current-quarter quizzes, preventing them from opening in a new window. There still may be other ANGEL items set to open in a new window, though. If possible, keep ANGEL open in only one tab at all times — this also prevents you missing the lack-of-activity time-out warning.

What you can do

If the new scrollbar or the new-window timeout issue causes you difficulties, use a different browser. A full list of supported browsers is available via MCC’s homepage. You can also contact ANGEL support at 402-457-2769 or

Read more: Chrome users mad at Google for switching up scroll controls | CNET

Featured image “bug” from Wikimedia.


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