Get to know IDS: Chuck Davis, Senior Online Course Administrator

We’re taking a look at the Instructional Design Services department one member at a time, highlighting new ideas in instructional technology and what each IDS member can do for MCC instructors.

Chuck Davis

Chuck Davis

Contact Chuck if you’re interested in: Developing a new course offering in ANGEL, getting support for ANGEL or in using the Syllabus Center.

Chuck has been as instructional designer at Metropolitan Community College since 1999, helping to develop the college’s first online courses.

He has a varied background in multimedia production and a bachelors degree in general studies with emphasis on architecture, journalism and creative writing from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Here’s a brief interview with him on how IDS helps MCC instructors.

What does IDS do for instructors?

IDS is a technology training resource for faculty. We can brainstorm what technology is available to help with specific instructional needs. We also research and test new technology so we’re prepared to provide support and suggest new ways instructors can use technology in their teaching.

What is your specific role within IDS?

I supervise a team with the baseline role of supporting the college LMS, currently ANGEL. That includes administering the site, preparing courses and user accounts and providing training to faculty on how best to use ANGEL and its myriad tools. We also provide direct tech support for faculty and students using ANGEL.

Part of the admin role is keeping current with LMS trends and lending that expertise to the LMS migration process.

In addition to the LMS, we provide media-streaming support via Ensemble, and developed the Syllabus Center in-house as a resource for faculty and deans. The Syllabus Center is an editing and web-publishing tool that streamlines the process of updating syllabi from quarter to quarter. It ensures that all syllabi also contain the most recent required policy content.

I also facilitate the Jumpstart process for developing new online and hybrid master courses. I consult with faculty on MCC course design standards and coordinate with online lead faculty and the Curriculum Design Studio to review each course.; 402-457-2866


Instructional Design Services at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Neb. Visit our department resource site.

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